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Kingfish cooked in coconut & tamarind curry sauce with fenugreek
Fish Curry
Steamed ground rice & wheat flour crumble topped with coconut flakes
Shredded steamed rice noodles stirred with fried seasonable vegetables, in mild spices and curry leaves
Lentils cooked in coconut milk with tempered onion, garlic & spices
Tangy spiced potato & mackeral fish cutlet coated in breadcrumbs

Sri Lankan Food Made Easy

Ruby's Food Products

Sri Lanka is a rich melting pot of cuisines and cultures thanks to the country’s geography with its hilltops, seaside and plains. Positioned in the Indian Ocean, between Eastern and Western cultures, Sri Lankan cuisine combines a vivid array of flavour combinations and exciting new ingredient combinations. Our cooking may look familiar but get stuck in and you’ll soon realise Sri Lankan cuisine has its own distinct flavours and spices!

Discover the Best in Authentic Sri Lankan Food

Ruby's Food Products is a family-run business which started in the 1990's in a small London kitchen cooking up the best in authentic Sri Lankan and South Indian food. Fast forward to 2020, and we are now one of the UK’s leading Sri Lankan and South Indian food manufacturers with our products widely available across the UK and Europe from a range of distributors.

For over 20 years, we’ve believed that everybody deserves to be able to access wholesome and filling Sri Lankan cuisine at an affordable price-point. Whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan, our range ensures you’ll have plenty of choice whether you’re looking for handmade short-eats (the Sri Lankan term for snacks), or a delicious curry made to a friendly recipe.