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Main Dishes & Accompaniments

In today’s busy world, cooking an authentic Sri Lankan curry after a busy day isn’t always possible, but sometimes, a warming, bold and authentic curry is just what you fancy.

That’s where we come in. Developed to authentic family recipes, you can have the taste of Sri Lanka on your table in less than 10 minutes!

We use authentic Sri Lankan home-cooking recipes alongside fresh and authentic ingredients to produce unmistakable Sri Lankan and South Indian flavours. Whether you’re a meat-eater, fish lover, vegetarian or vegan, our extensive menu caters for everybody.

Our range of curries are prepared at our West London factory using fresh, locally sourced ingredients with nothing going to waste.

A taste of Sri Lanka in under 10 minutes…

A meat-free favourite. Our chana masala curry is spiced to perfection with ginger & garlic.

Chana Masala Curry

Delicious Kingfish cooked in a coconut-based curry sauce, seasoned with fenugreek.

Fish Curry

A slow cooked mutton dish with a spicy coconut sauce seasoned with fragrant spices and curry leaves.

Mutton Curry

Perfectly cooked basmati rice served with an aromatic sauce that's packed with tender chicken.

Chicken Briyani

An authentic recipe Sri Lankan chicken curry cooked in coconut milk and a vibrant blend of traditional spices.

Ceylon Chicken Curry

Some of our Main Courses

This thin roti (thin flatbread) is a popular side dish and is served with a variety of main courses, including curries.

Veechu Roti

A Parotta is a layered flatbread which originates from Southern India. Made with maida flour, it has a unique flaky, layered texture. 

Parotta Bread

A classic side dish - Sri Lankan par-boiled whole grain rice.

Brown Rice

Breads and sides

We have a vast range of products, so to see our full list of products and find out more about stocking them, please just get in touch with the Ruby’s Food team today.

If you’re interested in trying a taste of Sri Lanka, our range of main courses and side dishes can be found in-store at Sambal Express deli stores across London. You’ll also find them online at our partner Elakkia Online for easy online ordering.

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