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White Label Food Manufacturing For Your Store or Eatery

As one of the UK’s leading Sri Lankan food manufacturers, Ruby’s is offering a white label service supplying delicious, authentic meals to expand your product range and in turn, your consumer base as well. Just add your own branding and you’re good to go!

About Our White Label Food

Did you know that our products are available in white label? This means you can bring the authentic taste of Sri Lanka to your store, restaurant, deli etc. under your own brand name and set yourself apart from the local competition.

Choose from an extensive range of meals, sides, snacks and short eats from our Sri Lankan and South Indian heritage menu, or contact us with your product idea and see if we can make it for you! 

Our meals cater to all dietary choices, including a staggering range of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Sri Lankan cuisine is well known for its plant-based and fresh produce recipes, so your meat-free customers will be spoiled for choice. 

White label food generally enables us to provide larger orders with a reduced turnaround time, so get in touch now for a quote.

How Private Label Food Could Benefit Your Business

The UK has one of the most advanced private & white label markets in the world and is currently seen as a flagship for private label development. 

The continuing shift in consumer focus has brought white label brands to the forefront. They are now widely accepted as an easy way for stores to diversify their product range and appeal to a wider consumer base, developing new revenue streams in the process. 

According to a study by the Food Industry Association, store brand products that began life as white labels now account for between 14-20% of store sales, and the trend has only grown in recent years thanks to larger stores adopting them to stay competitive. 

White label brands represent excellent value to customers and can provide business owners with bigger margins than branded alternatives, so why not give us a try! 

If you’d like to find out more about stocking our products in your grocery store, deli, restaurant or take-away, get in touch with our team.

4 September 2020